terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

The King is dead! THE KING IS DEAD!!!

God was pleased to call to his Holy Glory today, era of Our Lord Jesus Christ of one thousand one hundred eighty-five, the venerable D. Afonso the First of its name and first King of Portugal .

D.Afonso Henriques died with such an unimaginable age for the epoch after a lifetime of battle against whoever to establish a new kingdom for Christianity.  In his marriage with the Italian princess D. Mafalda de Sabóia wasn't happy despite the vast offspring... And after the great disaster of Badajoz where he ends up wounded and arrested it was the end of his warrior... From then on and assisted by Prince D. Sancho , D. Afonso dedicates his time onto the administration of the conquered territories and in 1179 achieves, finally,  the papal recognition as King of the independent kingdom of Portugal. He was buried in the Church of Santa Cruz at Coimbra.
May his Soul be held in the hands of Angels, the glory of Paradise as we all one day, Amen.

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