sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2011

Archangel Michael

With my upgraded spirituality after the 11 - 11 - 11, I've noticed - with the help of my photo camera - I started to get fantastic photos which prove (for all of those unbelievers) the existence of something way higher than ourselves!

For two occasions I was able to get a blue orb on two different photos (with a week space between them)

Can you see it in the middle of the door?

So for me, at this present physical and spiritual experience, I consider the blue orb to be the presence or a sign of Archangel Michael - the archangel of path, strength and protection against evil or bad energies.

Out of this two ... "apearences" made me to go back to a doll I started last year of Archangel Michael but had left it to finish "one day"

The day was now!

The inspiration to do this doll came from a painting by a huge baroque painting master - Luca Giordando - and its final result out of the figurines designed for the baroque French composer Jean Baptiste Lully's ballets and Operas.

So yes, in the end we don't understand if its a representation of Archangel Michael or a stage figure.... It looks rather belligerent and angry ...

No wings though, true ... Angels have no wings anyway (neither they have bodies also, but still ... )

My wish for 2012 is that evil might be vanquished for ever!!


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