terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

29 - 11 - 1807

Putting in practice a plan that had been thought since the XVI century, the fleet that would take the Portuguese Royal Family to Brazil left today due to threat of Napoleonic invasion.

D. João, the Prince Regent, considered weak, fearful and indecisive achieves, however, that the Bragança Royal House may be the only ruling family not "swallowed"  by the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte.

"He was the only one who tricked me!"  Napoleon reportedly said in his deathbed ...

Their royal highnesses the Prince Regent

On this evocative "cameo" I decided to represent D.Carlota Joaquina de Borbon with a  headdress whose "invention" is related to this voyage. It is said that the Court, forced to shave their heads due to a lice infestation, created these lavish ornaments out of luxurious fabrics, feathers and jewels that were carried on board. The result was that when they arrived in Brazil everyone looked even more exotic than the local inhabitants of the so called New World ...

Do you have a favourite historical figure that you would like to have it portrayed? Or even yourself! Talk to me!


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