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How to make an early XVIII century wig

for starters you must make a t shape form from a soft cloth and then sew the edges until you get this:

Then you add a roll from the same cloth to make that kind of raised  fringe in the end...

Now the hair, made of shredded sisal, is glued to the figure's head and then stitched back towards the roll up front .
For the curls I've moulded them using a small brush stick which I wrapped it with strings of sisal until the glue dries a bit and took it off. You'll have to make a series of them if you want a very curly wig!

Then with needle and thread you start to stitch the curls on the cloth

depending on the form you want you kind of "play" with the size of the curls you have...

Continue to "play" on stiching the curls on untill you finish by completing all the cloth area.

After having everything covered with the curls I wasn't really satisfied with the fringe bit so I added a little triangular shape made out cardboard and then glued to the figure's head. But still not satisfied, it looked too messy... Even so I've painted it in white (simple water based paint)

While I left it to dry  I've cut a strip of paper and on it I glued more sisal which after being dry, turned and glued it back ending with something remembering a ... moustache! 
After the glue being dried I gave it coat of white paint too.

Then I just had to glue this bit into the wig and this was the result!

Finally everything was glued on and dried, I then gave a general layer of hair spray and blew talcum powder over it just like in those times! Et voilá!

(this wig's figure relates to a previews but remodelled post,

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