domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

D.Catarina of Braganza, queen dowager of England

It was on the 18 of this month that the greatest adventure would start for a little princess whose life had been raised on a conventual education

Infanta Catarina de Bragança, borned in 25th november 1638 daughter of the dukes of Bragança future king and queen of Portugal, would see her marriage arrangements with King Charles II of England settled on this date 350 years ago.

The figure I'm presenting now is my atempt to portray the queen already at her later days...
From her widowhood in 1685 until her death in 1705 already back to Portugal where she acted twice as regent , there is no known portrait of her, so I've colected all her previous, specially by Jacob Huysmans, and tried to show her on a full regalia english dress with a french fontange's hairstyle with a lot of mourning feeling going on seated on a french seventeenth century armchair.


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